Frequently Asked Questions

Where you can buy Wei East products?


How can I get a Usage Guide for your HSN collection or kit?

Call or email us with the collection's product number (on your HSN invoice). If you don't have the number, describe the kit. We'll help figure out which Guide to send you. You can contact us via email at or call us at 888.WEI.EAST Mon-Fri 9:00 - 5:00pm EST

What makes Wei East different from other skincare companies?

All Wei East products are based on traditional Chinese formulas, enhanced by Western skincare science to deliver uniquely powerful benefits to the skin.

We touch every step of the process to ensure that each Wei East product contains herbs harvested and extracted at the height of freshness and blended according to time-honored traditions and knowledge.

You can feel good knowing every Wei East product you use is rich with natural herbal ingredients, giving your skin deep nurturing and healthy balance. Our non-comedogenic products also take advantage of the the most advanced Western technologies to provide a deluxe experience, proven safety, and consistent, clinically proven effects.

Who is an ideal Wei East customer?

Wei East's mission is to help women of all ages, ethnicities and skin conditions to look and feel their best. So we offer a wide range of skincare products meet the unique needs of various skin types.

Wei East delivers real solutions for real women. Our products appeal to women who want to make choices that work for them, and appreciate our SHE's Happy philosophy: Simple, healthy, elegant and happy.

Most Wei East customers find one Wei East skin care line that fits them best, then select a few products from other lines to achieve specific goals. Women of all skin types successfully use the gentle, herb-rich scents and cosmetics. All Wei East products can be mixed and matched to suit your skin's individual needs.

What do you recommend as an ideal skin care regimen?

At Wei East, we firmly believe that you are your skin's best expert. Therefore we encourage you to feel comfortable customizing your daily routine to the exact needs of your skin. All of our products are made to work in synergy with one another, so you never have to worry about products losing their effectiveness if you layer or alternate them. As a general guideline, here is what we recommend for a daily routine:

On a twice daily basis:

  • Cleanse: Remove oil, dirt, makeup and impurities
  • Tone: Freshen, balance
  • Anti-Aging: Nourish, lift, smooth
  • Moisturize: Hydrate and seal

1-2 times weekly (choose products to suit your skin type):

  • Extra exfoliation: Scrub to remove dead cells, add glow
  • Intensive eye treatment: Relax and renew delicate skin
  • Intensive lip treatment: Smooth and plump up lips
  • Lifting: Add firmness and lift with Chestnut
  • Brighten: Even skin tone with Rice Milk Essence
  • Purify: Nourish and deeply cleanse with non-drying masque
What are the Wei East lines?

We encourage you to visit the "Find Your Solution" section on the left navigation bar under the "Skincare" category, or just click one of the three options listed below. Here you can find specific product recommendations for your skin based on:

What's in Wei East products?

Specific formulas of natural herbal ingredients are used in every product. We use only the highest-quality, freshest herbs, many of which can only be harvested in specific regions, at particular times, by certain methods.

What makes Wei East unique, however, is that we combine this herbal tradition with the best of Western science. Many of our unique formulations rely on technologically advanced formulations that provide convenience, consistency, and exceptionally superb delivery of the herbal benefit. While some of these ingredients may not be strictly "natural", we use them because the evidence is overwhelming that they enhance the benefit significantly.

Why does Wei East use preservatives in its products?

A traditional Chinese herbalist who picks and prepares a poultice on the same day has no need for preservatives. However, in order for Wei East to deliver the benefit of natural herbal ingredients to women around the world, preservatives are necessary.

We have carefully selected only those clinically proven in multiple studies and over time to be harmless to the skin and body. In addition, all of our finished products have been tested to be 100% non-comedogenic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing, even for extra sensitive skin.

Does Wei East test its products on animals?

Absolutely not. We do not use animal testing for any of our products.

Have all Wei East products been clinically tested for safety and quality?

Yes. Before releasing a new product to the market, we contract independent laboratories to conduct rigorous microbiology and safety testing to guarantee the quality and safety of each product for the skin.

Where can I review your list of ingredients?

All of our ingredients are conveniently located under the "herbal knowledge" tab on the bottom of each individual product page.